Mojo Big Band at Brothers Lounge!

2 08 2012

As I stated before, myself and the studio owner made a trip out to Brothers Lounge every Monday in the month of June to record Mojo Big Band for a CD that they plan to release!  
I learned SO much about location recordings and big band recordings.  
At the end of the month I had no problems setting up 20+ microphones as well as getting all of the recording equipment ready in 30 minutes.  
It was a little rocky in the beginning of the month, just figuring out the perfect set of mics to use, and using a board we have never used.  
I made a lot of friends with everyone on the band and at Brothers, out of the whole internship, it was by far my favorite project!  
I have a rough overhead recording I’m posting.  Matt hasn’t quite finished the actual recordings and I didn’t want to put any of his mixes up for the world to see.  But here is a taste!

Here Comes a Train Wreck!

2 08 2012

Another new learning experience for me showed up to the studio not long ago as well!  Once again, no pictures… I’m sorry for my lack of memory on that one!  But I do have a final mix.  

Train Wreck was the band we recorded and they were a couple of really awesome older men who really enjoyed a good laugh, like me!
I had a great time working with them and watching them shred their instruments.  
They were a honky-tonk country band which I’m not too familiar with, but got into their vibe and music real quick!
My favorite song they played was a cover of Folsom Prison, so thats the song I’m posting for now.
I hope you like it as much as I did!



2 08 2012

A couple months ago we had a Jewish Church band come to the studio to record some songs from their church.  It was very… interesting, to say the least.  Everyone was super nice and very excited to be in the studio!  I didn’t snap any pictures, but I do have a song they recorded to post!  

It was a new experience for me and the studio owner, but we enjoyed learning new things about new music.  Now I believe we’re prepared for anything.  

Look out for The Lake Effect!

2 08 2012

We had a band called The Lake Effect come by the studio not too long ago, and we finally finished the mixing and the CD is complete!  Here are a few pictures of the set up and the guys!



Here are a few of the final tracks aswell!

I had a lot of fun working with these guys and hope they come back soon!
I did most of the mixing and recording for this project, and had a great time doing it! 



Jivviden & The Psych Ward

12 07 2012

I finnish the mixes from the band I recorded last week!
We did the vocals in a few short hours because these guys knocked it right out of the park!
Here are a few of the songs!

Friends in the Studio!

3 07 2012

I had a few of my friends come into the studio yesterday because I REALLY like their band.  I’ve been listening to the guitarists play acoustically for a long time now (Every time they come to my house), and I’m blown away every time.  They are all still in high school and can rock better then any one I know.  I’m still mixing the full band mixes, but I threw together a quick mix of an acoustic song the singer wrote, I hope you like it!!

Some pics of the session.




The acoustic song.

Intro to BackBeat Recording Studio!

22 06 2012

The front of the studio on Vine Street in Willowick, OH.



My ‘Office’.


Recently at Backbeat we recorded a hardcore band from Athens, OH.  Here are some pictures I took in the process of recording!
I will be posting some audio clips from a few of the songs they recorded, as soon as I mix them and get them to sound right!  
Also, we have been doing weekly location recordings at The Brothers Lounge in Lakewood.  Here are some pictures of our set up, and the Mojo Big Band (The band we’re recording)
For the live recording, we usually have about 20 microphones set up, going into an Allen & Heath mixing board, then into two ProSonus Firestudio Projects, running into Logic on my iMac.  Every week we go to record them we always try to set up different mic placements, as well as different mics.  Next week is our last week and I think we’ve pretty much got down exactly how we want it to sound.  It has been a fun month doing these recordings!  
I will be posting more photos and audio clips of both of these projects, as well as some other things we’ve been doing here at Backbeat!  
Stay Posted!